Unmaintained, see FoxDev/pste for the rewrite.

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uPste is a file hosting application with an emphasis on serving technology communities.

It is released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

The official demo of this project is available at

Interested in contributing, want some help or just have some questions? Join us on in #leliana


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We'll assume you already have a database, setting that up is beyond the scope of this readme.

git clone
cd uPste
composer install # Installs laravel, all dependencies, npm dependencies, compiles assets and generates your app key.

Open .env in the root directory of uPste and edit the settings within to suit your site. Make sure to read what each one does, and feel free to ask if you're not sure.

php artisan migrate # Creates your database schema

The next, and last part is entirely dependent you and how you want to configure your webserver, but you're basically going to want two domains (or subdomains).

There is an example nginx config in the root of this repository.
Feel free to adapt it to your server software, but you MUST keep the /uploads location intact for x-accel/x-sendfile to work if you intend to use them.

That's it, you're done! Now just navigate to your site and register.
The first user registered will be automatically enabled and made an admin, so take measures to make sure this is you.


WARNING: It is strongly recommended you check the release notes for each new version to see if there are any breaking changes that affect you.

Upgrading is easy. Just run the following commands, and make sure to check .env.example for any new config options you need to set.

cd /path/to/uPste
git pull
composer update

If you change .env values and they don't seem to be doing anything, try running composer recache to rebuild the site caches, including the config cache.